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Author Spotlight: Intuitive by Kat Fugate

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Kat Fugate is an English teacher in Ohio and the author of Intuitive. She started writing this story when she read and article about a girl who died mysteriously in a bathtub. She is currently working on the sequel, Transcendent. Kat lives outside of Cincinnati with her husband, two kids, and two dogs.

Title: Intuitive
Author: Kat Fugate
Publisher: Self/Smashwords
Publication: October 26th 2014
Cover Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed Intuitive. It was a great book to end my 2014 year with and I am so glad that the author sent me a copy to review.

Miah is a very depressing and overly dramatic character in the beginning. But that is to be expected from a girl who is entering her senior year as part orphan. Her mother mysteriously died during the summer and now Miah feels like she really has no reason to live.

There are a lot of more modern references in the book. Things were mentioned and I actually knew what was being talked about. The Big Bang Theory was mentioned and after that I was hooked.

In the beginning of the book you sort of think it's just going to be a NORMAL books where a girls mother dies and a new boy comes to town and he makes everything all better and it's all Happily Ever After crap. But that is definitely not the case.

Miah's relationship with her father was strained. Her dad slipped into a terrible depression and he should have been seeking help for himself instead of being all over Miah about her life. Jamie was adorable and it really sucks that he pretty much has no parents now. 

Cameron was a whiny boy. I understand he had been through A LOT but he seriously has the emotional standing of a pmsing woman. He gets upset too easily and he storms off and has temper tantrums. I honestly don't know what Miah sees in him. He also felt very possessive to me. He tried to control Miah and certain aspects of her life. He would get mad at her and make her feel like shit and then he would sweep her into his arms and expect everything to be okay. Miah didn't help because she LET him do these things.

I think Cameron took things a little too far with the whole wooing Olivia situation. I don't know that Miah would have kissed Rhett without him manipulating her energy but Cameron kissed Olivia with no second thoughts, it seemed. 

Now, Rhett... I would much prefer Miah to end up with Rhett, but that will probably never happen. He might be from this super evil villainous family but he was so amazing and very mature. Maturity is something Miah's other love interest lacks severely.

The plot line of the book was very neat and tidy. It flowed very well and all of the characters complimented each other perfectly. The only thing that I can say was bothersome was the fact that the beginning of the book, the first 150+ pages, spanned over months and months of Miah's life. The last 110+ pages spanned over a few days. It just felt like the beginning was drawn out. Either that or the ending was rushed.

The cliffhanger ending was murder! Haha, no pun intended. The second book doesn't come out until Summer of 2015 and the wait is going to kill me.. HAHA. 

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.

1) Where did you get the idea for Intuitive?
The idea for Intuitive roamed around in my head for a few years.  I actually started the book 2 other times; once from the mother's perspective even.  Locally, there was a young woman whose husband was actually convicted of murder but there was no concrete evidence.  I  believe that he is guilty but during the trial, etc. this story came to me.  The dream where Miah runs around the house actually was a dream I had after my grandmother died.

2) Have you always wanted to be an author?
Reading and writing are my two passions after my family.  I have always done both.  I became an English teacher so that I could make some money--even if not a lot--lol--doing what I love.

3) Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?
Yes, I love The Big Bang Theory, which is why I referenced my favorite episode in the book.  I love how the show juxtaposes real life--Penny--with the scientific genius of the guys and yet each is shown as a valuable asset.

4) What are your favorite type of books to read?
I love all types of books.  I've read everything from classics to simplistic YA.  BUT, my favorite is a book in which I feel the characters' joys and pains.  This is why I tried so hard to connect you to the emotions and decisions of my characters in Intuitive.

5) Are you intuitive?
I think a lot of people are intuitive.  I think the more we tap into our intuitiveness, the more aware of it we become.  I don't believe it's a special power like it becomes in the book but I do believe it's a gift that some people have for sure.

6) Who would you pick? Cameron or Rhett?
I'm partial to Cameron but I love both my characters.  I believe everyone has to choose between following their hearts and following their minds when it comes to love.  I'm partial to the heart.

7) Who was your favorite character to write?
I enjoyed writing Miah the most because she goes through a metamorphosis throughout the book.  It was fun to create a character that grows stronger.

8) How do you feel about cliffhanger endings?
If it's a series, then a cliffhanger is good because it brings your readers back.  It makes the reader more vested and whether the reader realizes it or not, I believe that he/she spends a lot of time wondering where the story will go next.

9) Have you ever been to L. A.?
I have actually never been to L.A.  I watched several tour videos before writing Part II.  Now, I definitely want to go there!  :)


Bren Murphy on April 14, 2015 at 9:16 PM said...

Love your images and the way you have shared your story - you are an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

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