Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Top 2 Tuesday[1] Book to Movie Adaptations

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I decided to do something new! So instead of Top Ten Tuesday I made up Top 2 Tuesday. It's harder and I like that. I have to narrow my choices down to two books each week and sometimes that feels impossible. I hope you guys enjoy this! 

1) The Hobbit

I seriously LOVED the Hobbit movies. They made me laugh and cry and they were so amazingly done. A few things were tweaked here and there and some details were off but overall I really love how well the movie was adapted from the book.

2) Divergent

I didn't think I was going to like the movie. Things just didn't look right when I saw the previews. But I really did like it. I hated that they cut out Edwards character entirely but other than that the movie was pretty true to the book. I pictured a few things different in my head while I was reading the book but everything is open to interpretation when you are reading. I will probably not like Insurgent, however. I have read that it's not going to be like the book.

What are your top 2 book to movie adaptations? Let me know!


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