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Mini Review Monday[26] Numbers by Rachel Ward

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Title: Numbers
Author: Rachel Ward
Publisher: Chicken House/Scholastic
Publication: November 8th 2008
Cover Rating: 4/5
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I’m sad to say this, but I just couldn't finish this book. I have never, not finished a book. I have put some down before and finished them later, but never, not finished a book. That’s not the case with this one.  I have put this book down so many times and tried to continue to read it and just couldn't. I wanted to finish this before the year was over, but I just couldn't. I had to stop. I got 200 pages in though because I forced myself to just sit and read it. 

I have many problems with this book. But I will first start with what I did like. I liked the plot of the book. It was interesting which is what made me want to read the book. Being able to see the death date of someone by looking into their eyes? It just sounds like it’s going to be good. I also like that it took place in London. I love London so I enjoyed being able to read that the characters were there. 

That’s where the good ends and the bad begins. I think it was poorly executed. I didn't like the characters at all. I just found Jem to be annoying all the time. I did like Spider a bit more because he wasn't annoying to me. Both come from not the greatest home lives, but it doesn't give them the excuse to act the way they do. Also, they weren't the smartest of characters. They ran away from something that they had no reason to run away from. 

I also found this to be very slow. The details were boring and just made me not want to read it any further. I don’t like saying anything bad about a book I have read, but with this one I can’t help it. I don’t feel bad for not being able to finish the book.

Overall, I gave the book 2/5 stars.


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