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REVIEW: The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan

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Title: The Titan's Curse
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: Puffin Books
Publication: May 5th 2007
Cover Rating: 5/5

Percy Jackson yet again goes on a quest that was not given to him. You can’t help but admire him for the reasons why he goes on these quests. Percy is very loyal to those he loves and will do anything he can to protect and save them even if it means he may die. 

At the end of The Sea of Monsters, Thalia is back to being herself because of The Golden Fleece. Throughout this quest we get to learn more about this character for who she is instead of who she was before being a tree. Thalia comes off as rude, but once you get to know her and find out who she is you can’t help but respect her. 

In the beginning before there is a quest we get a look at how satyrs find half-bloods and try and rescue. We got a taste of this in The Lightning Thief because that’s what Grover was there to do. But here we are in Percy’s perspective and get to oversee everything. 

At one point during this rescue Percy is alone and trying to protect the two half-bloods Grover found and tries to use the empathy link between the two of them. He never tried before; Grover was the one who always used it. Which at one point is the rescue of the two half-bloods and saving Percy, Annabeth gets captured. When she does you can clearly see how much Percy actually cares about her and goes on this quest that isn’t his because all he wants to do is save her. 

We get introduced to more gods as well as another titan. First off we meet the goddess Artemis, who helps Percy and his friends. She calls on her twin brother Apollo. She calls on him because he can help them for what they needed at the moment and helps them again down the road. Not only do we meet them, but also the goddess Aphrodite. These gods and goddesses that come along are all there to help them in any way that they can. 

Heroes like Percy are looked down upon and yet there are gods and goddesses who help them on their quests instead of hurt them for them to not succeed. 

Surprisingly, Mr. D helps Percy twice, even though from the very beginning he shows little interest in him or the other campers. 

While on their quest and they reach where they need to be we get introduced to another Titan; Atlas. After their quest is completed, they go to Olympus and they face The Council of Gods to be told their fate. As always these characters face one thing after another and I like seeing what they will do in each situation they are thrown into. The story has become more complicated and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

While Percy talked to Aphrodite I liked the one thing she told him. “Not knowing is half the fun,” Aphrodite said. “Exquisitely painful, isn’t it? Not being sure who you love and who loves you?...”

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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