Monday, May 25, 2015

Mini Review Monday[43] Shadow by Amanda Sun

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Title: Shadow(Paper Gods book .5)
Author: Amanda Sun

While I was reading Ink I wanted to know what it was like for Katie before she went to live with her Aunt Diane. I’m glad Amanda Sun wrote about her life before. 

Katie didn't immediately go live with Diane because she still felt too attached to the U.S. due to her mom even though she is gone from the living world. She finally decides to live with Diane, but she hits hiccups on the way there that she can’t explain. 

To me, it showed that when she got close to Japan the ink started to affect her then. 

Not only are we experiencing this time with Katie, but also, Tomohiro. He is experiencing bad nightmares and feels himself start to lose control over the ink. Then Katie appears. This starts their journey together. 

Overall, I really enjoyed being able to see what happened to both characters before Katie made it to Japan and both of their lives changed because of it.

I rate this book 5/5 stars.


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