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REVIEW: The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

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Title: The Beginning of Everything
Author: Robyn Schneider
Publisher: Katherine Tegen
Publication: August 27th 2013
Cover Rating: 4/5

Tragedy. It’s one of the things that makes life hard to live. 

Tragedies cause change. Change for the person and their life and the people around them. The change can be good or bad or both. Like it was for Ezra. 

Ezra lost his best friend Toby. Something happened to Toby, but Ezra distanced himself. They grew apart and were in different crowds. After years Ezra had his own tragedy. This brought him back to Toby. The good part, but he also lost so much due this happening to him. 

This is a story of a boy having so much and losing it, but gaining other things in his life. Getting his best friend back and falling in love for the first time. Learning who he is as a person and not what everyone knows of him. Branching out into unknown territory and leaving familiar territory behind. 

It showed that just because something bad happened doesn't mean it's the end of everything, but the beginning and I loved that. It turned a negative situation into something positive, which is always good to see. 

I enjoyed being able to see Ezra grow as a character from whom he was into who he wants to be. Him meeting the new girl who he fell in love with, but had to let her go. 

This was a sad, but a positive story about what tragedies can do to a person in their lifetime and to learn from them and come out brighter in the end. 

I loved the story and seeing how things change you. You don't want it to happen, but it does in the end. I didn't feel that connected to the story or the characters, which is the only problem I had.

Overall, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars.


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