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REVIEW: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas - 4 stars

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Title: A Court of Mist and Fury
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children
Publication: May 3rd 2016
Cover Rating: 5/5

Directly after reading A Court of Thorns and Roses I picked up A Court of Mist and Fury so I wouldn't forget any of the things I learned in the first book. I really enjoy reading books in a series back to back because it leaves less room for forgetting and I am less likely to have to go back to reread the first book just so I can continue with the series and that always ends up wasting time I normally don't have.

Please be aware, that this is a review for a second book in the series so there will be spoilers for the first book. Please do not read this review if you have not read A Court of Thorns and Roses.

This being the second book is a series means the plot is supposed to move forward, leading up to the end result. I feel like this book was a lot of filler. Yes, we get to see a lot of new characters and  quite a few plot points from book one have been uprooted and turned around, but I really felt the the majority of this book was just filler. 

Normally, I consider filler to be some form of world building. But this kind of filler wasn't very productive to me. I still loved the book and enjoyed the characters but I would have loved to see a little bit more productivity with the story. 

The book was basically just HEY we have a war coming, we have to prepare and go on these long adventures to find these items that are supposed to save us but end up damning us even more. It's a good plot, a good story line, but I just felt like it was lacking. 

Oh, and the sex in the book, yeah, completely NOT Young Adult appropriate. I am twenty-eight and I had to put the book down and walk away a few times. 

This book is very character driven. That might be why it is lacking so bad with the plot. The characters do make up for some of the plot-lacking but they can't do everything on their own.

ACOMAF changed a lot of my allegiances. I hated Lucien and Rhys in the first book. I liked Tamlin in the first book. Now, I hate Tamlin, love Rhys and Lucien was really growing on me. 

I still hated Feyre's family. Nesta being the main target of my loathing. She was just such a horrible excuse for a human being. I can understand being guarded but Nesta was something way beyond that. Elain was sweet and Nesta sheltered her a little too much. Their father wasn't really in the picture but Nesta made sure it was known how she felt about him.

We are introduced to an entirely different level of characters in this book. We get to know Rhys and through that we get to know his Inner Circle. The people he trusts the most with his life and the lives of his people. The characters from the Inner Circle consist of Mor(Rhys cousin and 3rd in command), Cassian, Amren(2nd in command and something not of this world) and Azriel. Normally, when an author introduces side characters maybe one of them has a big role in the main characters story, not all of them. But the author made it so ALL of these characters are crucial to the story and you can't help but having some form of emotional connection to them.

World Building:
Oh, man. I really did enjoy the world building. I think that is my favorite part of these books. The Spring Court sounds lovely, or course, but I really don't think it can even compare to what I was introduced to in the Night Court. I might be biased, though. I really love anything that has to with stars, celestial bodies and galaxies. But the way the author described the Night Court was good enough to the point where I could picture it rather clearly and I love when an author can do that.

We got to see a few other courts/territories in the fae realm and it was all just very vivid. I think I would love to see these books be turned into movies just so I can see how other people may have envisioned the courts. 

God, the ending of this book was ridiculous. I couldn't imagine being a person who read ACOMAF the day it came out and then had to wait and entire year  to get answers. The ending wasn't just a cliff hangar. It was the mother of all cliff hangars. 

Tamlin is a fuck. There is no better word for him. Lucien, ehhh, I don't really think he is as bad as the author portrays him at the end of the book. I feel like he is inherently good, he just needs to be separated from Tamlin. Especially since the way Tamlin seems to deal with things not going his way by going way out in left field and pulling some crazy shit out of his ass. The crazy shit being he sides with the WRONG side of this war just so he could make deal with the big guy to get Feyre back. Not once did he think that HEY maybe Feyre really doesn't love me. HEY maybe I am a giant douchebag for locking someone I supposedly loved in my house while I went out and did things I didn't think she was strong enough to handle. And HEY maybe I should have let Feyre make her own choices instead of being a complete and total lunatic and trying to hide her away. Because obviously locking her away worked soooo well the first time, lets try that again! What could possibly go wrong? Hmmm. Oopsie, I may have helped start a war that could end my people. Oh well, at least I got Feyre back.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars.


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