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REVIEW: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas - 4 stars

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Title: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Publication: May 5th 2015
Cover Rating: 5/5

For me, the Sarah J. Maas books have always been on the back burner. I kept telling myself I was waiting for the last books to come out then I would marathon each series. But then a book signing happening. It would be weird to go to a single author book signing without having read any of their books, right? So, I had to read the Court books and I am so glad I did.

A little back story from the book. This world Feyre and the Fae inhabit happens to be the world 500 years after a huge war that took away human slaves from their Fae captors. This war ended up creating a huge wall that seperated the Fae from the humans. So the humans thought they were safe. Turns out, they were very wrong and the Fae were still in control. But the Fae are also dealing with a very crappy situation of their own. They, too, are enslaved.

We are introduced to Feyre. She is a hunter, but only because she has to be in order to keep her lazy, shitty family alive. I can honestly say that I have never hated a family in a book more than I hated Feyre's sisters and father. Because of her shitty family, Feyre ends up killing a wolf that turned out to be Fae, thus activating a treaty between the humans and the fae. And this is where the Beauty and the Beast retelling aspects start to come into place.

Enter Tamlin. The wolf Feyre killed ended up being from Tamlin's court, the spring court to be more precise,and because of that he is the one who has to go over the wall to retrieve Feyre so she can be a prisoner for the crimes committed. But there is something off with the Spring Court. Everyone is wearing some form of animal mask due to a curse(Beauty and the Beast). Tamlin doesn't really like this situation, he is , in fact, rather pissy about the whole thing, or so he made it seem. So he tells Feyre she can do whatever she wants on his property and his weird behavior slowly turns into him being overly nice to her and stuff ends up happening. 

Then we have Lucien. I hated this little brat so badly. He was originally from the autumn court but because of his shitty family he ended up with Tamlin. 

So, blah  blah blah, stuff happens and everyone ends up on the wrong side of a 50 year enslavement. Tamlin had 50 years to save himself and his people but he couldn't do it. 

In the end, this one tiny, insignificant human girl ends up being the salvation for all of the Fae. She ends up defeating the one person who was controlling ALL of them and because of that, a new war might be starting.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars.


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