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REVIEW: The Outliers by Kimberly McCreight - 4 stars

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Title: The Outliers
Genre: YA Mystery/Thriller
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication: May 3rd 2016
Cover Rating: 5/5

I picked this book up on a whim. The cover seemed sort of mysterious and creepy and I was in the mood for that. I did not, however, read the synopsis before diving in to this book. It wasn't EXACTLY what I was expecting from the cover but it was pretty cool. So if you are looking for a weird, creepy, medical/science thriller book then I would suggest this. It is much more than that, though.

There are CUSS WORDS in this book. And I swear to God it is a relief. After watching a little interview with the author where she said she likes certain cuss words I was expecting it. The cussing didn't really start until 150 pages in but I was laughing. The authors/publishers who say no cuss words in YA books must live under a rock. Teenagers cuss more than any other group I can think of. So I condone the authors writing style and her boldness. Finally! An author who isn't afraid to say fuck.

Wylie... Oh how do I describe Wylie. She is crazy? No. That is too harsh. She is just a girl who lost her mother and happens to have this long list of mental issues that stem from anxiety. With that being said, I thought she would be a somewhat unreliable narrative but she wasn't and I don't like how the book made her out to seem like this certifiably insane person who needs to be hospitalized. She had her moments but in the end you find out why. 

And then we have... crap... what was his name? JASPER! I like that name. I have no idea why I couldn't think of it. But Jasper is Cassie's boyfriend and Wylie wasn't too crazy about them dating because she had heard all this bad crap about him. Well, that will teach you to listen to gossip, now won't it little Ms. Wylie. Jasper is actually a pretty okay guy. He doesn't have the best life. Actually, none of the "main" characters have the best life. But he was loyal and brave and I don't think Cassie deserved him.

For some reason I couldn't picture Cassie. She was sent to fat camp and apparently ended up super skinny but I found myself picturing a bigger girl half the time. I just felt like Cassie wasn't an important character even though the entire book was centered around her situation. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, I couldn't picture anyone. Made the book even more mysterious, I guess. But, after getting to know who Cassie was I was super shocked when she did what she did at the end of the book. I will always wonder if it could have ended differently for her.

I want to touch on the crazy aspect of the book once more. While Wylie and Jasper were driving to find Cassie, Wylie's dad sent her a text saying he called her doctor and they were all out looking for her now. Later on we find out what really went down with that text but the fact that Wylie didn't even think twice about it being her dad that said that was kind of shitty. It meant that she was used to him treating her like she was crazy and she expecting him to be not such a great person. 

After all is said and done I can honestly say that I am glad there will be more books. The ending was the right amount of cliffhanger. Not the kind that makes you want to cry and then you get all slumpy. The kind that you feel like you got good enough answers but still want more. The one big thing I will say is this book is based on empathy. The ability to feel what other people around you are feeling. It was creepy for me because I have that. It isn't something magical or whatever. I just can feel emotions, even though text. It comes in handy but I'm glad it doesn't get me into the situation this book portrays.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars.


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