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Aside from reading I have other hobbies and one of them is pixel art. I can make almost anything out of the beads I use and I would love to sell a few piece to save up for moving. My family has been very rocky and with how my parents are my fiance and I need to move ASAP before we lose out place to live. I will post a few pictures of the stuff I have made for reference. I do have an Etsy store so every sale will go through there. I will also include a rough price list below as well. Remember, these are just examples of things I have made. I can do other stuff.

pieces this size would be about $5 each. (3.5inchx2.5inch)

Earring sets are $5.

 Keychains are $3-5 depending on what it is.

Pokebadge sets are $20 each. These were my hottest item at conventions. These can either be magnets or just plain so you can use them how you want.

These would be about $8 each

These are pretty big so they would be about $12 each or 2 for $20.

He would be about $20 Other pokemon made like him would range from $18-$25.

These are just some other things I've made. I have sold many pieces and do custom work. Buyer must pay shipping and all transactions will be done through Etsy. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask in the comments or email me. My email is on the side of the blog.


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