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Mini Review Monday[38] Tilt by Ellen Hopkins

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Title: Tilt
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Publication: September 11th 2012
Cover Rating: 5/5

I love how Ellen Hopkins writes. Once you start reading one of her books you get lost in the stories and the characters. 

I loved this one more than Tricks. One thing I really loved was the side characters got a voice in the story. Such as Alex, Shelby, Brianna, Chad, etc. I like how they got a page for them to see how they are feeling or handling a situation. 

This book contained some really serious aspects of a teenagers life. How parents can treat their children, young love, an unplanned pregnancy, abortion, adoption, chronic illnesses, depression, HIV and Aids. All of these aspects were mentioned. 

We got to see how young love can turn bad or turn good. How both the mother and father deal with or not deal with an unplanned pregnancy. How a family reacts to said unplanned pregnancy. We got to see how dysfunctional a family can be. Not only did we get to see an unplanned pregnancy, but also a chronic illness, being gay and HIV/Aids. 

Having a family member with a chronic illness drains their family members. My mom has a chronic illness and I take care of her. It is a lot of work and is very emotional. 

We saw how family members and society treats gays, which makes me sad because they are people too. They are the same as you or I. We are all human. 

We got to see how some young girls out there change themselves just so a guy will like them. They turn into someone they or their best friend don't recognize. If that guy doesn't like them then they move onto someone who does and then they are left hurt and in worse shape than they were in to start. It shows you how some guys take advantage of girls just so they can have sex. 

This book was very emotional and I connected to some aspects of it because they relate to my life currently and from my past. I can't wait to read more by Ellen Hopkins.

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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