Thursday, November 3, 2016

As I Read Review: And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich

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4:05 pm:
I am going into this book with the hopes that is is creepy as fuck. I have the UK copy as well and the title for that is The Creeper Man and the cover is creepy as hell. I will add that cover below this but I am hoping for spooky. I am tired of pussified horror books. Okay, LETS GO!

(uk cover)

9:20 pm:
What the actual fucktits am I reading? Her other book was a bit weird too but at least I could follow the plot. This book is weird as hell. 

9:52 pm:
Uhh is this book supposed to be like a story about slenderman? If not then uhhh yeah i dont know what to say. This has to be some sort of weird slenderman fanfic.


12:53 pm
So, yeah. This author definitely played too much slenderman. I am actually kind of regretting picking this book up because I am worried any future books from her might not be good. The Dead House was actually interesting and good but this book is just a jumble of shit. 

4:12 pm: 
Okay, it is starting to get a tiny bit better and there are some confusing things that are becoming clearer but I am almost done the book and it took this long to make sense. How annoying.

4:29 pm:
Alice in creeper land lol. Makes me think of minecraft and alice falling down tons of holes haha

4:45 pm:
Hmm soo. you think you were 9 or 10 when you went to the museum but then you say "it looks big to a seven year old" talking about yourself. hmmm author error?

7:35 pm:
The book has taken a turn. It isn't scary but it is sad. Also, I listened to as little of the audiobook and the person who narrated it is amazing at it.

Well, that was a weird ending. I kind of expected it though. I am disappointed that it took nearly the entire book before it got interesting. I liked the ending but that is not enough to bring my rating up much. 


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