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As I Read Review: Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland - EXPLICIT!!!

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When I read a book I always have this like running narrative in the back of my mind yelling at the book or swooning over it. I thought, why not put those thoughts to good use? So here I am. I will follow the progress of a few of the books I read each month and do one of these for it. I will also write a more professional review and post that separately. But since these are going to be my raw thoughts there will be chaos and a lot of cussing. Did I mention cussing? Yeah... Lots of that. So the first victim is... Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland. 

9:10 am:
So I got to my sisters house and after getting 40 pages into the book I put it down and start cussing and writing some of my bookish friends bitching about how everyone is trying to be the next John Green. Just fucking stop it. 

11:42 am:
WHAT THE FUCK!!! This manic pixie dream girl shit is really getting old. Like being different than other girls is this super amazing thing and you get this title along with it. It's like telling someone you don't like rap music or popular tv shows. OMG really?! You are so different from any girl I've ever met. Well, honestly, if girls like that, sadly I am in this category and it took until today to realize that, are so rare... Why are there so many books, movies, shows, etc with a MPDG as the female lead? 

ALSO why the hell are all the books told from the guys perspective? I'll tell you why. Because guys want these girls. At least in books. This is now how the real world normally is. the weird girl normally gets ignored or bullied. Stop romanticizing this. Being different is great but being coveted in books because you are that different girl is seriously getting old. 

1:48 pm:
"I wanted to know what kind of drunk she was." Uhh... This coming from a guy not even remotely close to the legal drinking age is creepy. 

Aside from the creepy things Henry says, I really like his parents. Makes me think of my parents when I was in high school. 

I am not starting to like this book but... I really like how the teenagers are portrayed. They say fuck and anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron.

1:57 pm:
"She was made of stardust and chaos..." -_-

2:07 pm: 
And that was only the 20th Harry Potter reference.

Ehh... Points for the Dodgeball movie reference.

4:14 am:
I honestly don't know what to think about this book. It's sad but pathetic. It's poetic yet stupidly unbelievable. For every positive thing about this book there are two negative. I just feel like I'm reading Looking for Alaska again. I'm expecting Grace to kill herself. Yes, her name is fucking Grace. Ugh.

5:55 pm:
I finished it. And I hated it but I also saw some good qualities about it too. Everyone grieves in their own way but the situation Grace was in held her back from dealing with loss. It's funny, Henry was the narrator but by the end of the book his character felt sort of unneeded. 


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