Saturday, November 5, 2016

REVIEW: Life and Death by Stephanie Meyer - Valeria

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Rate: 2.5/5

Yeah, no. 
I was very excited for this for one reason and one reason only... I am a twilight fan. 
I really am, but this whole re-imagined thing just was NOT for me. 
Oh how I wished that she had released Midnight Sun u.u
She changed a few things around, so that was good, it wasn't an exact copy of the first one
When they first meet, things are still okay with me, a 4 could still be handed out, I wanted to continue reading it.
But as things went on.... Yeah... no.. That changed. Edward Beau just seemed really whiny to me in a way that Bella didn't
I don't know if its because Bella was strangely poetic and used all these smarts words and stuffs xD and Beau wasn't like that, he was more.... Average than she was. Or if overall the human character of this book was whiny.
All I know is that I was reading this book, wishing I could go back to the original.
MAYBE it could be that I tend to put myself as the characters and simply could not visualize having to save and follow someone and do all of the things that Edyth did. It all the depends on the type of person you are or the type of life you live I guess.
I am more of a Bella than an Edyth xD

Bellas Beau's friends got in my nerves ssssooo much ! They are pretty much bullies, before, it all just seemed like the girls were hurt about this crush that did not pay attention to them but when it turned to guys, they just seemed so possessive and not just crushing. Which I guess is the point of why Meyer switch genders, to get over that... But I couldn't. I seriously could not see them more than being possessive of the girls they liked. 

The ending... I don't want to spoil the ending because the ending IS different than the original book and it DOES openly tell you that there wont be anymore. I WANTED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE!!!

But anyways... NO 
what the actual ... was that! It was... I can't say shit without spoiling it. But I am just very pissed about it 
IT IS CRUEL! There I said it

Recommend it?
..... Stick to the original >.> So no.


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