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REVIEW: Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys

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Title: Dead Girls Society
Genre: Psychological Thriller YA
Author: Michelle Krys
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication: November 8th 2016
Cover Rating: 4/5 
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Last year I did an Author Spotlight for Michelle Krys's books Hexed and Charmed. They were both very good books and I still have them in my collection. Dead Girls Society will be another one of her books I add to my collection. I really enjoy her writing style and the unique characters she comes up with. I think the only true downfall I felt the book had was the CF(cystic fibrosis) thing , it's getting over used now. But other than that, the book was really mysterious and kept me guessing.

Hope has CF which means she will eventually expire. She has come to terms with it and just wants to be able to live as much of her teenage life as normal as possible. Which is hard when she is pretty much doing her school work from home and he mother doesn't want to send her back to school with all the germs. SOMEHOW, her situation changes. She gets a weird email that could possibly help take some of the monetary strain off of her mother so that means she HAS to do whatever the email says, right?

The email Hope received was sent to four other girls. The girls have to meet up and perform these dares in order to advance in the game. The game being 'do this and win money'. It seemed innocent at first. Just stupid adrenaline junkie dares like jumping off of an old wooden roller-coaster. Then they start to get more and more dangerous. So why do the girls even decide to participate? The game-master has some piece of dirt on each girl and that is enough to get the to play and keep them playing. 

The book pretty much revolves around the lives of these five girls BUT there is a bit of a love interest to keep up with the NEED to have romance in ALL young adult books. So we have Tucker, the new guy in Hopes life. Then we have Ethan who has been best friends with Hope since forever. One of them turns out to be a piece of trash that got blackmailed into finding out as much stuff about Hope as possible. 

The ending was a big WTF moment. I didn't even see it coming. And the reasoning behind why the person did what they did was revenge. Very misguided revenge. BUT the very very end of the book was nice. It wasn't exactly a happy ending but it wasn't bad. I would love to know where everything went with the "game-master". Did they go to jail? Mental Hospital? I am leaning towards mental hospital because they were very disturbed in the head.

Overall, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars.

*DISCLAIMER* I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.


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