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Old, Unposted Review: Thicker Than Water by Kelly Fiore

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Title: Thicker Than Water
Author: Kelly Fiore
Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication: January 5th 2016
Cover Rating: 5/5

Going into Thicker Than Water, I knew it was going to be a little hard. I grew up knowing I had an older brother that wasn't such a good person. I always wanted to have a relationship with him but after reading this book I am kind of glad he wasn't a big part of my life. This book would probably be hard for anyone to read but it is definitely worth it.

Cici is a very strong character. She wasn't strong before all of this crap happened but she became strong by the end of the book. She changed and it was a good change. It is sad that it took THIS kind of event to change everything though. She was a product of her brothers addiction. The entire family was. I just wish she could have gotten out of that life in a different way than how she did. She was a good student, good daughter and overall, a good person. It is sad to see what someone else's actions can do to another person.

Cyrus was horrible. Some of the flash backs Cici had with him were okay, he was a good brother sometimes. It just seemed like he was a bad brother more, even before the knee injury and the drugs. He just didn't see right to me. Cici wanted to believe he had been a good brother but the things we were told about Cyrus just didn't portray a good brother. 

Cici got lucky with being sent to the "hospital" instead of the actual jail portion. She got a chance to change her life and try to get over this entire situation. At first she was a bitch about everything. She would push people away and treat everyone terribly. She had pretty much given up on life and said, multiple times, that she has no future so why try to get better? It was so sad to see just how far Cici fell into the hole. 

The father was blind. He had lost one wife and the other one was becoming distant. He was losing his farm and just couldn't believe that his precious son could be screwing everyone over. I also can't believe he didn't go to visit Cici and just pretty much told her that he had no more children. Who does that?! 

There was actually romance in the book. I found that to be kind of strange. But the fact that the guy was a lot like her brother made some sort of sense. I just hope it doesn't have the same outcome. 

I can't believe the trial. The Lawyer, I can't remember his name but it was douchey, tried to paint a picture where Cici was this horrendous person who murdered her brother. He made it seem like she held a gun to Cyrus's head and just shot him and walked away without a care. It was horrible and I wanted to jump through the book and slap that guy. I know its his job, I know... But the perfect picture he painted for Cyrus was so sickening. I would have refused the case if I had to make a dead drug addict look like an angel.

In the end, I don't think the ruling was fair, at all. Yes, she was dealing drugs. But she didn't kill her brother. She TRUSTED him and that is what ultimately got her into the position she was in. She trusted Cyrus and she trusted her father. 

Overall, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars.


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