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RE-READ REVIEW: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab - 5 stars

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Title: This Savage Song
Genre: Dystopian Paranormal YA
Author: Victoria Schwab
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Publication: July 5th 2016
Cover Rating: 5/5

I read This Savage Song in 2016 right around Christmastime. It was weird, unique, gory and so many other things. I loved it! Loved it so very, very much. I was honestly scared that it wouldn't live up to my love of The Archived, by the same author, but it did. It's not better. I like them on the same level for what they are and I was so excited to have another series from Victoria Schwab that I could love.

Kate Harker
Father Harker
August Flynn
Father and mother Flynn
Brother and sister Flynn
A bunch of high school kids
Monsters, monsters, everywhere

My favorite character would have to be Ilsa Flynn. She wasn't all there in the head it seemed but she was such a mystery and I just loved her presence. Plus she is fantastic at naming cats.

The world has been reduced to almost rubble but from the rubble, monsters rise. Monsters are born when a violent act occurs. Some monsters are born from a shooting, others from mass bombings. The type of monster depends on the severity of the act. The are 3 tiers:

Corsai - They will eat you
Malchai - They are some form of Vampire
Sunai- They can steal your soul and leave you dead with just a simple melody

Each monster has its own way of killing its victims. The Sunai being the most inventive. They play a certain melody and it allows for your soul to be taken. It is such an interesting concept. The other two monsters just seemed like a basic monster mode. Each of these monsters hate each other and with the humans involved, war is just around the corner.

After reading this book for a second time I finally realized that it is, somewhat, a Romeo and a Juliet retelling. It is extremely obvious to me now, but how did I read this book the first time without noticing that? There wasn't anything romance related in the book but Harker and Flynn are from opposite sides of a world where war is inevitable. The story is told in a back and forth form from August to Kate and I really enjoyed being able to view the story from both of their view points.

World Building:
Victoria Schwab is a genius when it comes to making a world for her characters to live in. The place used in the book is real but it was turned into a dystopian wasteland where monsters and men worse than monsters ruled everything. I can't wait to see where she takes us in the next book, which happens to be the final book and I'm not sure if I want it to end!

In the end, Victoria Schwab(my iPad keeps changing her last name to Schwartz) has now earned a place on my favorites shelf along with a place in my heart and on my auto-buy authors list. Now I just need to find the courage to attempt to read her adult books. I am afraid that her adult writing will be vastly different from her YA writing and I really don't want my love of her to be altered in any way. Such a tough decision will need to be made.

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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