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REVIEW: Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia - Valeria

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Goodreads Description:
How did Fox Mulder become a believer? How did Dana Scully become a skeptic? The X-Files Origins has the answers.

The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos explores the teen years of Fox Mulder, the beloved character depicted in the cult-favorite TV show The X-Files. His story is set in the spring of 1979, when serial murder, the occult, and government conspiracy were highlighted in the news.

The book will follow Mulder as he experiences life-changing events that set him on the path to becoming an FBI agent.

I mean, I was already kind of in love with Mulder but after this one its like damn... Damn just damn. 
Heart eyes for days. I just loved how Kami portrayed Fox and just kinda introduced him to the whole world that we know him from. He is one smart Fox... Yeah I had to go there. The book is honestly exciting and I couldn't put it down, I was literally in the edge of my seat. There I mean, sure, there are things that go a bit unanswered but to be honest, what else can you expect out of it. 
I just LOVED being able to see a bit into young Mulders life and just love the whole involvement of the FBI and just how he kinda got into the whole thing. I honestly don't know how I can continue to talk about this book without going into full spoiler territory. 
I love the cover. 

Recommend it?


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