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REVIEW: Twisted by Hannah Jayne - 3.5 stars

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Title: Twisted
Genre: YA Thriller
Author: Hannah Jayne
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication: July 5th 2016
Cover Rating: 5/5

I LOVE murder/mystery books. Before I got into the whole Young Adult book scene all I read was crime novels. Patricia Cornwall was my favorite. I originally picked up Hannah Jaynes books because she was supposed to be at a big book signing I go to each yeah. She ended up not being there so I kind of pushed her books to the back burner. Then a few days ago I decided to read Twisted. Problem was, I didn't own the physical book, I was going to read the ebook from my library but I would still need a physical copy for my collection. So yesterday, I bought a copy. I sat down today and the book was done in three hours.

Bex used to be Beth Anne, the daughter of an accused serial killer, The Wife Collector. She was sent to live with her grandmother for ten years and everything was fine. Until her grandmother died. Bex was still a minor so she was put in the system and she ended up being adopted by a really nice couple from KillDevilHills. But her father was never caught and now women are dying around her and they all have her fathers signature. Bex needs to decide whether she thinks her dad is guilty or if he was framed. Sometimes, the love between a father and daughter is beyond comprehension. But will that love cause Bex to forfeit the new life she has? Or will she step up and protect her new friends and family? Blood ties are very strange thing.

Bex/Beth Anne
Adoptive Parents(Denise+Michael)
Detective Schuster
The Wife Collector
School friends
Tyler - boyfriend

I was okay with all of the characters in the book. They all had their purpose and all seemed to be developed enough to have different personalities. The two female friends of Bex, Chelsea and Lauren were the only characters that just seemed like your every day, copy and paste, teenage girls.

Bex was a pretty straightforward character. She wanted to get on with her life but a big part of her still loved her father and thought he might be innocent. She was a bit naive but by the end of the book I don't think she will even be naive again.

The couple that adopted Bex were pretty awesome. Bex got extremely lucky to find parents that wanted her despite her being seventeen.

Tyler was one of those perfect boyfriends and Bex seriously deserve that. He was just so sweet and there was even a lettermans jacket involved. Very old school but still holds romantic value.

I feel like the detective and the serial killer had a pretty close personality. I actually could have believed the plot twist that was handed to us right before the end of the book. But they say you have to think like a killer to catch one. Kind of creepy but at least the good guy was who he was supposed to be.

World Building:
None was needed as the book took place in the present day in North Carolina.

In the end, I felt rather let down. This really awesome story and build up climaxed within five pages and I was just caught off guard. How could this amazing book just end in five pages? No information about how Chelsea was. No information about what happened to the Wife Collector. Just wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am. The book was still good but that ending docked an entire star. No I am kind of weary about reading her other books. I will probably pick up one and if that ends as quickly as Twisted did then I will probably not read her books again.

Also... what happened with Lauren? There were just way too many loose ends and unanswered questions.

Overall, I gave the book 3.5/5 stars.


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