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Mini REVIEW: Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes - 4 stars

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Title: Little White Lies
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary/Comedy-ish
Publisher: FreeForm
Publication: November 6th 2018
Cover Rating: 5/5
Reading format: Netgalley Proof/Owned Hardback

Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the story of Sawyer and how she went from living in a low-income neighborhood working as a mechanic to living with her wealthy grandmother and becoming a debutante. 

Sawyer IS NOT someone you would peg to become a debutante. She works at a garage fixing cars while her mother is off with whatever her guy flavor of the week is. But, if you offer someone money, six-figures worth of money, anyone can become a debutante. 

With her new lifestyle comes a lot of new people/'friends'. Sawyer becomes sort of friends with her cousin and sort of friends with the other girls in the debutante world and she even meets a few guys who kind of catch her eye. But this is all trivial stuff, Sawyer's true reason for accepting her grandmother's offer doesn't involve the money or the fancy lifestyle. It involves finding out who her father really is. But Sawyer gets herself in too deep with blackmailing and kidnapping and she starts to wonder if it was all even worth it.

In the end, while the beauty queen stuff isn't for me I do occasionally like reading about the drama that comes with that lifestyle and boy did this book provide a lot of drama and mystery. Sawyer was looking for her father and each time she got close to finding him I thought it was this man but it turned out to be someone I didn't start suspecting until the end and I was happy about that. I love when a book can keep me guessing. Oh! And there will be another book so I can't wait to see where that goes.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars.


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