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REVIEW: A Blade so Black by L.L. McKinney - 5 stars

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Title: A Blade so Black
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy
Author: L.L. McKinney
Publisher: Imprint
Publication: September 25th 2018
Cover Rating: 3/5
Reading format: Owned Hardback

When Alice is at the hospital, getting the news that her father has dies, she can't take it and runs out of the building. This is when she is first confronted by a Nightmare, a creature from another world that feeds off of peoples fears. During the attack, Alice is saved by a mysterious guy who ends up taking her under his tutelage to train her to be a defender for Wonderland.

Alice lived a pretty normal life before Wonderland happen. Well, aside from the fact that her father just died. After Wonderland? Well, she splits her time between lying to her best friends, lying to her mother and fighting off Nightmares. Talk about going from zero to sixty in a few seconds.

While Alice is under the guidance of the guy who saved her(I feel like I shouldn't say his name for some reason, it's weird) she learns to battle and becomes extremely strong. She meets a lot of new people and gets to explore this new world. But every time she enters Wonderland, her mentor can only go so far with her before he because he is technically banned. But it isn't until almost the end of the book that we find out who he truly is.

It is because of Alice's mentor that she must go on a dangerous adventure. Alice was attacked one day while she was in Wonderland and the attacker sent her back with a message for her mentor. This message sadly was magical and it lashed out and pretty much poisoned him. So Alive now has to go back to Wonderland to try and figure out how to save him.

This book is honestly one of the best Alice In Wonderland retellings I have ever read. Not only do we get Alice, a strong ass woman of color, we also get to see the characters of Wonderland reformed into something entirely different than their originals. I am so glad I decided to give this book a chance even thought the cover bugged me.(I really don't like covers with actual people on them)

In the end, I cannot wait for the next book! I loved this story entirely and I NEED to know what happens to all of my characters and that ending was insanity. It will be very interesting seeing where the author takes that ending. Also, I really can't wait to hear the excuse Alice gives her mother, her butt is in TROUBLE!

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars


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