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REVIEW: The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson - 5 stars

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Title: The Vanishing Stair
Genre: Young Adult Mystery
Author: Maureen Johnson
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication: January 22nd 2019
Cover Rating: 4/5
Reading Format: Owned Hardback

The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson is the second book in Truly Devious series. This book continues a little bit after the first book ends. It is a continuance of the mystery/murder that happened in the first book plus Stevie is still trying to solve the first mystery that happened at this school in 1936, the kidnapping of the school owners wife and daughter. This is an amazing mystery/thriller book series so far and I highly recommend it to anyone when I get the chance

Stevie's parents took her out of the Ellingham Academy after all the chaos with the death of one classmate and the disappearance of another. This broke Stevie's heart and she would do absolutely anything to get back to Ellingham. Well, that anything comes in the form of Edward King, the politician that her parents work for, the man she hates and the same man who happens to be the father of the boy she started and ruined a relationship with back at Ellingham.

King offers Stevie the chance to go back to Ellingham by talking her parents into letting her go back, he even offers to have her flown there on his private plane. What's the stipulation? Stevie has to keep an eye on David, his son. David stopped going to class and has been acting crazy ever since Stevie left. So, since she said she would do anything to go back to Ellingham, she agrees and is spirited away back to campus.

When Stevie gets back to school she starts working with a woman who wrote a crime novel on the Ellingham crims and the academy. Stevie supplies this woman with fact checks and information about the school so she can write another book. But it soon becomes clear that there might be an inheritance for whoever solves the crime of what happened to Albert Ellinghams daughter, Alice.

While all of that is happening with the inheritance and Stevie working with the author, things at school and with David started out good and then quickly went south especially after finding the body of his friend. David started acting out even more and doing very strange things and by the end of the book, it is made abundantly clear that David might have something to do with the fire that happens at the end of the book that happens to kill someone.

You know that feeling when you wait all year for a book to come out and when it finally does you are so excited and scared and hesitant to read it because you know it isn't the last book and you don't want to have a repeat of the last book you read and have to wait ANOTHER year just to find out more? Yeah, that feeling is sooo real with this book, it's not even funny.  But, I pushed through the fear and I read the book in about four hours and I REGRET IT SO MUCH! 

In the end, this book didn't end on a cliffhanger, it just ended. Most books at least lead you up to something and while, yes, this book did have a pretty open ending with much for me to ponder while I wait ANOTHER YEAR for the next book, it just ended. I ranted to my husband for 20 minutes about how much I love and hate these books because they just suck me in and don't let go even when they end. Truly Devious and The Vanishing Stair are honestly two of my favorite young adult mystery/thriller books and I can not thank the author enough for writing them. Also, WTF DAVID! (you'll understand this when you read the books) 

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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