Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Review Monday[7] Insurgent by Veronica Roth

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Veronica Roth

There are many words and feelings that come to mine when I think back about Insurgent. But the feeling that is most prominent would have to be frustration. The most prominent word would be UGH.

I feel like Tobias and Tris spent way too much time fighting. With both of them knowing that each other could die at any minute they should have used their time with each other a little bit more wisely. 

Let's talk about what frustrated me. There was so much sexual tension between Tobias and Tris. Christina was acting like a baby when we all know if the roles were reversed, Christina would have shot Tobias without giving it a second thought. But the BIG thing that frustrated me the most was Tris's inability to speak her f*&#*@g mind. Every chapter had a section where she was saying that she couldn't say this or wouldn't say that. AHHHHHH!!!

Another big this about Insurgent is it felt like an intermission to me. Just a break between Divergent and Allegiant. It gave us something to do until Allegiant came out.

Tris just made me mad throughout the entire book. It was like she was on a mission to prove that she wasn't a child and all that mission did was make her feel more childish.

Overall, I gave the book 3/5 Mini Kitties.


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