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REVIEW: The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams

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Title: The Haven
Author: Carol Lynch Williams
Format: eBook ARC
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

REVIEW: At first I really wasn't liking this book. Just something about it wasn't connecting with me. But I started to like it as I got further in.

I haven't personally read a book like this before but I have seen people saying it's a lot like another book that has already been written. I really don't see what all the hostility is about though. A LOT of book are like other books.

Shiloh is the main character and I didn't like her at first but after she got off of the tonic I did start to warm up to her. She was still a little too standoffish for me.

The Terminals in general were very creepy and robotic at least until the cafeteria scene towards the end. That scene actually made me wonder just how many Terminals stopped drinking the tonic.

I loved how the book seemed to be a coming of age and finding your first love kind of book when that really isn't what its about.

I find it to be very immoral of Dr. King to be making replicants and then drugging them so they appear to be inhuman, soulless creatures. What Dr. King stands for is basically like saying babies that are made in petri dishes and then put into a mother makes the baby inhuman and soulless. Then the fact that the world they live in actually allows these things to happen is horrendous. But money makes the world go round.

Gideon was different from the start. He got away with more than he should have been able too and I was instantly curious as to what his story would be. Turns out the story was very interesting and informative. Definitely showed a different side to Dr. King.

Abigail was a cute little side character. She was a good best friend but she wasn't very strong willed. Same goes for Daniel. He got offered something he wanted and in return her ended up almost ruining The Plan.

The authors writing isn't really my type of writing and I think that is what put me off in the beginning. I have read another book by Carol Lynch Williams and it was written in verse. I can honestly say I like her better when she is writing in verse.

The cover is very pretty but I'm not sure that it really portrays the book very well. Also, it kind of reminds me of the cover for Haven by Kristi Cook. Both contain butterflies and strangely the same title.

I am also not even sure what category to put this book in. I know its pretty much Science Fiction but it's like a mix of Dystopia and Utopia. It's a good place for the people who have the replicants but it's a bad places for the replicants. Dr. King rules over the replicants but that's it.

Overall I gave the book 4/5 Kitties.


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