Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mini Review Monday[8] Love & Leftovers by Sarah Tregay

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Love & Leftovers
Sarah Tregay

I picked this book up for one reason. Verse book. I didn't have to read the synopsis or look it up on Goodreads. It was an instant buy.

I am giving everyone a fair warning. I normally try to keep my reviews spoiler free but this one is impossible to do that with. So their will be spoilers. Turn back now!

Marcie is your averge teenage girl. She has a best friend, a boyfriend, and a group she hangs out with, The Leftovers. But her normal life doesn't last long.

Dang girl. Your dads boyfriend sure is hot. Wait, what? Yup. After 17 years of marriage(I think it was 17 years) Marcies dad decides that her mother is intimate enough and hightails it to the "Straight Friendly" bar. That is when Danny comes into the picture.

Marcies mother can't handle this situation so she moves her daughter from Boise, Idaho to a place where carkeys sounds like khakis. I think this was a poor decision on her mothers part. You should not uproot your child like that. This is also when we start to find out that Marcies mother is pretty much unstable.

This book shows how living with parents that make you feel alone and unwanted can cause a child to reflect these things in her own life. Marcie thought her relationship with her boyfriend isn't good enough because he hasn't touched her so she goes after someone who will touch her.

It's a very sad and touching story but at least the ending is somewhat happy. I will definitely recommend this if you are a fan of verse books.

Overall I gave the book 4/5 Mini Kitties.


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