Friday, June 14, 2013

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Hello again! I just had someone ask me a few questions and I'd like to take the time to answer them as best as I can.

The first question was "Wow, you sure get a lot of books. Where do you get all of them from?"

Well, most of the books I own, I have bought. I'm willing to say that about 1/5th of them came from Paperbackswap. Another 2/5ths came from 2nd and Charles. And the other 2/5th came from Barnes & Noble, Borders or other Book retail shops. A few have come from Goodwills/thrift stores. Some have come from friends. They have just accumulated over the years.

The second question was "How do you get copies of books before they come out?"

I honestly can say that if you want to start a blog, don't go looking for ARC's immediately. It will make it seem like you only want free books and no one wants to give away free stuff unless you actually show REAL interest in what you do.

The majority of the ARC's I have gotten have been from NetGalley. I am not well established enough in the blogging community to have received that many actual physical copies of ARC's and that is fine with me because I blog because I love to read. NOT because I want free this and free that. If that was the case I would just go to the library. Receiving and ARC is a huge privilege and honor and it should be treated as such.

So, to answer the question, you can get ARC's by contacting publishers, authors, Goodreads, etc.

And the last question was "Is a blog hard work?"

Yes and no. I enjoy what I do. It is hard work keeping up with updates and reviews and followers but, to me, it's entirely worth it. Just make sure you can put in the time before you start a blog. Since I work at home basically, I always have time to read/write.

Thank you for your questions and I hope my answers have helped you out!


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