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Review Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

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Title: Beautiful Disaster
Author: Jamie McGuire
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought
Publisher: Atria Books

REVIEW: I was at Goodwill and I picked this book up without looking at it so I could see the book that was next to it. Then I looked at what I was holding and squealed. I was so shocked to find this book. I've been dying to read this book for over a year. Now that I have...

 Let me catch my breathe... I haven't been able to breathe the entire time I was reading this book. I was holding my breathe, on the edge of my bed, shocked, confused, sad, happy, soooo many emotions.

I cried. Not just tearing up. I actually was crying. I don't envy Travis and Abby's relationship at all. It's violent, unhealthy, dependent and way too intense for my blood. But the story was amazing and I found myself in love with all of the characters. It also shows that, although Travis didn't change ALL of his lifestyle, love can change people for the better.

America was an amazing best friend. Shep was a good boyfriend. AND what story would be complete without the gay guy best friend? Finch was awesome and such a good friend to Abby.

Parker... Hmmm. I'm not entirely sure what to say about him. I think he really was just trying to get in Abby's pants so maybe he could say that he "bagged"  her when Travis couldn't. I'm not sure of his exact motives but I don't think they were good. 

 I honestly can't say anything bad about this book. It kept me guessing and I was happy with the ending.

I was, however, unhappy that this was the first book that I have ever owned that I got wet... Why this book? Seriously? Why not get Twilight wet? UGH!

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 kitties.


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