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Review Love Hurts by Beverly Scudamore

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Title: Love Hurts
Author: Beverly Scudamore
Format: ARC ebook
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: James Lorimer & Company
Publication Date: September 2 2013


This book is very sad but very eye opening. I would honestly recommend that anyone in their teens and even parents of teens read this. It definitely will help you see if you are in a dangerous relationship or if your child is in danger. Mel happens to be one of the very few girls who were strong enough to get away with her life(barely.) Regardless of this book being fictional, this is still very factual information. I have seen this happen and I have also been involved in a relationship that was bad for me.

I think if Mel would have went with her heart in the first place and just went with Dustin then she would have been fine. But everyone makes mistakes, although, this mistake, almost cost her her life. I do not agree with the ending though. Her leaving Dustin ALONE with Colter still being around wasn't such a good idea. Her leaving at all wasn't such a good idea because it makes Colter think he has won. I would have loved to find out what happens with Dustin and Mel and I would have loved to find out what goes on with Colter and the lawsuit. The book was very short but it was full of drama and information. Peyton was a very good friend. Normally during these kind of situations the girl will lose all of her friends due to the abuser and she will have no one to turn to. But Peyton stuck around and really helped out. I didn't like the character of Mels aunt, Gina. She was way too self involved and needed to open up her eyes. I think its a shame that people can get away with killing people by making it look like an accident.

After meeting Colter's dad at the end of the book I can definitely see where Colter learned his manipulative behavior from and I can see why his mother left. 

I am probably going to go ahead and recommend this book to a few close friends.

Overall, I liked the book and the ideas surrounding it. There were a few grammatical errors but it was an ARC so no big deal. I give the book 4/5 stars.


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