Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stacking The Shelves (6)

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I have bought a few new books this week but I also have some sad news. The Ollies store I get a lot of my books from has a fire due to some moron setting off fireworks(they are illegal in Maryland) and the entire book department was drenched! Not the boooooooksss! I did manage to get 2 books from there today but they were on the only saved shelf, besides all the religious inspirational books(UGH). But here are the books I got this week.

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These are the books I managed to save from Ollies.

 I got these from 2nd & Charles.

 I got this from Wal-Mart. I have read half of the first book before but I cannot pass up bind ups.

I found this at my local thrift store. I have A Light In The Attic from my childhood but I have lost my copy of Where The Sidewalk Ends and I NEEED to find a new copy. My collection is INCOMPLETE!!!

And I got these from PBS.

I am very excited for the next coming weeks. I applied for 2 Library jobs and I am hoping and praying that I get one of them. 

Thank you for looking! What did you get this week?


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