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REVIEW: I Was Here by Gayle Forman

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Title: I Was Here
Author: Gayle Forman
Publisher: Viking
Publication: January 27th 2015
Cover Rating: 4/5

I really loved this book. The story is very emotional and the subject matter is something a lot of people have a hard time with. But the book was tastefully written. 

Cody is kind of annoying to be perfectly honest. I know her best friend is gone but Cody acts like a spoiled brat. "Why didn't Meg tell me?" "Meg left me out of her life." "There are so many things I should have known." It's like everything is about Cody and that isn't how it should be. 

Cody also isn't very helpful towards the Garcia's after Meg dies. She could have had dinner with them and helped out and still visited. But nooo, she had to turn into this self hating whack job. She really does have a problem with thinking about people other than herself.

The Garcia's ask Cody to do them a favor and then everything turns into some sort of mision to avenge Meg's death. She tried to put the blame on so many people throughout the book but it was really nobodies fault. 

The romance was definitely predictable but that was the only thing I found myself predicting. You just knew something would happen between Ben and Cody. It had to happen. That is just how these things work out.

Almost every character in the book was affected by Meg's suicide. People who weren't even that close to her felt responsible in some way. Most because they didn't see any signs and didn't reach out to help her. But really there was nothing they could have done because Meg didn't really show any signs besides sleeping a lot.

The book showed that life isn't over after someone commits suicide. People ache for the loss of a loved one and some people even go out and try to solve all the problems in the world. Suicide causes people to scatter and lose control over themselves. Especially when it was unexpected and so many things were hidden when you think you know someone well. Cody was blindsided by Meg's death and that is what caused Cody's downward spiral. If Meg's parents wouldn't have hidden stuff from Cody I think the outcome might have been different but this book gives off a "everything happens for a reason" feel.

This was a very short book so there isn't much I can write without spoiling it. But this book had a very large impact on me. 

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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