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Horrorween Review: Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano

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Title: Diary of a Haunting
Author: M. Verano
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication: August 25th 2015
Cover Rating: 5/5

I picked up Diary of a Haunting randomly. I saw the cover and though it was so cool that it was plastic and showed a different image when removed. I love covers like that. The premise sounded really intriguing as well. Then, add short chapters and I was sold!

Paige is the main character and she is rather annoying as crap. She is this rich, snobby little girl from LA. Her parents divorced and her mother decided to restart live in the middle of nowhere, Idaho. Her mother just got cheated on and her entire life is changing. I kind of think Paige could have been a little more understanding. 

She wasn't ALL terrible though, I will admit. She could have been worse. She cared about her brother and mother a lot. Despite their many flaws. Her mothers "everything deserves to live" policy and her brothers weirdness.

The house Paige's family moved into sounded pretty badass. An ex-hospital with huge rooms and, hey!, you even have your own built in basement neighbor that no one ever told Paige about. That part was pretty screwy, honestly. 

The book is told in diary type blog entries. At the beginning of each entry Paige puts how many spiders and flies and the size of the flies. The spiders and flies are a huge part of this book. At one point, Paige even captures a few flies just to see if they live without each, which they do....

Chloe is the average strange girl at school. She has no friends so I guess she figured being friends with the new girl would work. And it kind of did. 

Raph is your average... basement neighbor...? There really isn't much to say about Raph. His entire situation is pretty funky and I kind of blame him for what happened in the house and with Paige. I mean, he was the one trying out the weird funky religion thing and he did bring home all the crap to study Pronoica. Pronoica DID sound pretty interesting though. 

Towards the end things started to actually pick up and get weird. They find a bunch of hidden secrets and Paige turns out to be not who I thought she was. The ending was so very weird and confusing though. So much random crap is thrown at you and it takes a bit to figure everything out. Like, was Paige possessed, crazy or was the house possessed.

At the end of the book there is this news type article that makes the book seem more real. I thought that was a pretty cool touch.

The one thing I found myself asking a lot as I read this book was "What?!", no specific questions. Just WHAT?!

If you like spiders, flies, wildfires, weird little brothers, things multiplying and ending up in weird places, ghost stories, weird religions and crazy crap in general then this is the book for you.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars.


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