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Horrorween Reviews: Mary: The Summoning

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Title: Mary: The Summoning
Author: Hillary Monahan
Publisher: Hyperion
Publication: September 2nd 2014
Cover Rating: 5/5

Bloody Mary has been an urban legend for a long time. I have heard and read many different versions of it. I think we all have, honestly. But, Mary: The Summoning was pretty original. It made me think of the Supernatural episode where Bloody Mary gets summoned. This book is definitely creepy and perfect for Halloween.

Shauna would do anything to make her friends happy, at least that's how I saw her. And she definitely got herself into one hell of a situation. But who thinks an urban legend is going to actually be REAL?? So you can't really blame her for doing a silly thing that girls do at sleepovers. But you can blame....

Jessica. She is such a horrible person. I can tell from a few pages in that she is one of those hard to please girls and you need to do everything she says or you will pay the price. She is so possessive and everything has to be done HER WAY. If you don't go along with her plans then she gets really bitchy and makes her friends feel like crap. She is a complete mental case and she thought she wouldn't lose her friends. 

I do think that Jessica went into this entire think thinking that Mary wouldn't pick Shauna. I do have to admit that it seemed like Jessica had this bond to Shauna and she tried to save her. She even tried to give Mary to someone else. But that someone else was still a friend... I have no idea what Jessica was thinking. She cared about Shauna but then her actions also seemed very selfish. I wonder how differently things would have been if someone else would have gotten Mary. I don't think Jessica would have tried to help them.

Kitty was very gullible. She needed to grow a back bone. I can't help but think that all it would have taken was one of the girls to say no and walk out for this entire situation to not have happened. Out of all of them, Anna seemed like the most likely one to stand up to Jessica. Maybe that's why Jessica didn't seem to show much emotion during the locker room scene. Who knows.

Even thought it is pretty hard to scare me, I have definitely been thinking and looking at reflective surfaces in a different way. I will look around my room and be like oh she can come through my t.v., my laptop, my ipod, my hand sanitizer bottle... You never think of things like that. How many reflective surfaces do you have surrounding you on a daily basis? That is just scary, especially after reading this book. Even my bookmark is reflective!!!! Ahhhhhhh.

I can't wait to start the next book. I want to learn more about the church and this jerkwad Pastor Starkcrowe. I also want to know what more Elizabeth had to do with Mary's situation. She seemed like more than just the average school bully. Maybe Elizabeth is related to Shauna and Jessica knew that and wanted to take revenge? There just feels like there is soooo much more to the story and background then what has been told so far. 

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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