Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Horrorween Review: Misery Movie

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This movie.. Man this movie brings back a lot of  memories from the first time I found a used copy at the thrift store 15 or more years ago. I had no idea this was a Stephen King book until I owned the movie. I still have the VHS copy I found at that thrift store. I also still have my old tv with the built in VCR from the 1990's. There is just something about watching old horror movies on old tv's. It makes the movies better.

If you are a Stephen King fan then I highly recommend watching this movie. Kathy Bates is one creepy woman and this movie was perfect for her. I think she played the role marvelously.

Here is the breakdown of the movie. Writer wants to get away to write his book. He gets in a bad car accident and is stranded in the snow on the side of the road. Kathy Bates' character rescues him and she just happens to be his biggest fan. She keeps him at her house and does unspeakable things to him to get him to write a better ending to one of her favorite books he wrote. 

So, yeah, I highly recommend this movie.


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