Monday, October 12, 2015

Horrorween Review: Stonehearst Asylum Movie

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Everyone has a different definition of scary. And everyone has something that they think about when someone says Halloween. Some people happen to love asylums. So, if you are that person, then this movie is for you. And guess what?! It's on Netflix!! 

I was putting a puzzle together and it was too quiet so I decided to browse the Horror section of Netflix because, well, it's October and I enjoy a good horror movie. Now, most of the time it's extremely hit or miss with Netflix, mostly miss, so I was shocked to find that I was actually watching this movie and enjoying it.

This movie showed perfectly how horrible asylums were 'back then' and I found myself on Dr. Lamb's side more than anyone else's. That place was not curing people it was storing them away and torturing them. Keeping them in locked rooms and completely drugged up. If you truly wish to rehabilitate someone you do not drug them up and lock them somewhere. My opinion on the matter is that the so called Doctors were actually just as mad, if not madder, than the patients sent to these places.

I think my favorite parts of the movie are what Dr. Newgate did with Arthur/Ogre and with the mother who wouldn't eat until her son came home from war. It just showed that he would have mad an amazing doctor despite what the end of the movie told me. 

The ending was so funny. I didn't expect it at all. And I am so glad the Asylum is now in the hands of who it is. It is just so sad to think that so many females were said to have Female Hysteria back then.

So, yeah, I really recommend this movie! As I said, it's on Netflix, so go watch it!


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