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Horrorween Reviews: Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics

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Title: Daughters Unto Devils
Author: Amy Lukavics
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publication: September 29th 2015
Cover Rating: 4/5

Daughters Unto Devils is on of those historical, prairie filled, demonic books where you know bad crap is going to happen. Mother who gets sick while she is pregnant, daughter who is born sick because of that, entire family of 7 stuck in a tiny cabin for a really bad winter... Something is bound to go wrong.

I am not sure how I feel about Amanda. I don't know if she was crazy or possessed or if she was just raised to think that the way she was was wrong. Yes, she laid with a boy. Yes, she got pregnant. Yes, she had some unclean thoughts sometimes. But who doesn't? Even the holiest of people stray sometimes and you don't see them getting possessed. Then again, I also have no idea if she was really possessed. The entire book just had my mind going back and forth. 

I do know that Amanda was weak and very susceptible to crap she should have been able to avoid and ignore. She allowed herself to become the way she was. If she was strong enough she could have changed herself. She seemed very selfish and that was clearly evident throughout the book. 

Emily was an annoying brat. It made me wonder if SHE was the one who was a sinner. She slapped Amanda and was completely horrible to her but once Zeke came along she was no different than Amanda had been with Henry. 

There were some parts that made me have hope. Like when Amanda first held and tried to help with taking care of Hannah. She started to understand her sister a little more and she fell in love with her. It was so beautiful. But something just had to come along and mess it up. 

The ending didn't quite turn out the way i was expecting it to. The entire thing with Zeke and the Doctor was unexpected and weird. Edmund and Hannah... WOW! And the demonic possession crap didn't happen how I thought it would. It wasn't a bad ending. But it was kind of cliffhangery. Especially after they finally got home to their cabin on the mountain and Amanda heard the fiddle playing.

Overall, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars.


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