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Pre-Pub Review: The Killing Jar by Jennifer Bosworth

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Title: The Killing Jar
Author: Jennifer Bosworth
Publisher: FSG
Publication: January 12th 2015
Cover Rating: 5/5

Going into The Killing Jar, I knew it was going to be weird. I had read Struck, a previous book from the author, and it was weird. But I still kind of liked it. So I went into this book with the same mindset. And, yes, it was weird. It was BEYOND weird. But I didn't like it very much. I did, however, find out that the author has a thing for organized, cult-like situations. 

Kenna, I actually had to go back and look for her name even though I JUST finished the book, isn't normal. She's actually kind of annoying. She has some weird power that her mother passed on to her so she lives her life in depression and misery. She obsessed over her guitar and won't let anyone touch her. I get it, she can hurt people who touch her, but she is overly dramatic. 

The book starts out weird. Then it goes to being somewhat contemporary. Music festival, Kenna singing, her and Blake finally kissing after years of being that weird best friends in love couple. Then she goes home and her entire life is changed. Well, it was technically change after the Jason kid crap. BUT, this just spurs everything out of control. 

One thing I have to point out is, she was THINKING about Jason and his dad RIGHT before the festival. She even said something about Jason's DEAD EYES. But when she sees someone in the crown with the SAME FRICKEN DEAD EYES, she can't place where she has seen them before? Bullshit. Yet, somehow she instantly knows who is in her house when she gets home. Hmmm.

After all this crap goes down, Kenna's mother decides to finally take her somewhere so she can learn who she is. 

Oh, did I mention Kenna has a twin? Yeah, her name is Erin and she is just as annoying but even more pathetic because she is sickly. 

So, yeah, Kenna ends up in this weird cult-like place where her grandmother comes into play. and all these other people who follow her grandmother like she is God. It gets weird and creepy from here. The place is called Eclipse and it is pretty much a haven on sex, food and music. 

That characters in this book were unbelievable and unrelatable and unlikable. Everyone seemed to be two-faced and it was just annoying not being able to connect to any character.

The authors writing wasn't bad. The world building was actually pretty good and I could picture Eclipse and the woods. I actually really like the authors writing style. It is very quick for me. She just hasn't written a book that I can connect with.

There were some parts that I liked, or at least tolerated. But when the VAMPIRE MOTHS came into play I was kind of done. The book is about vampires, technically. The Kalyptra suck the lives out of everything, which is like a vampire. AND when I looked up a Calyptra Moth it came up saying Vampire Moth. Soooo. 

So after all the weird crap at the end happens we get this epilogue. KENNA'S MOTHER AND SISTER are pretty much living in the fricken house where the freaks lived. I don't understand that. This entire book just felt pointless. I don't like saying that because ALL books are someones baby. But that is how I feel towards this book. 

Overall, I gave the book 2.5/5 stars.


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