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Release Day Review: Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

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Title: Firsts
Author: Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication: January 5th 2015
Cover Rating: 4/5

Firsts is a book about a girl taking guys virginity in order to teach them how to give their girlfriends the best first times. She does this because her first time wasn't that great. But if you think that's all this book is about then you are very wrong. I know I was wrong. I figured I would get a book about a skanky girl who got what was coming to her but it turned out to be so much more. There are a few triggers in the book. The one really hit home for me and I wasn't expecting the subject to appear in a YA book. But I got passed it and it was so sad that the event had happened. Fictional person or not. No one should ever have to go through what she did. 

Mercedes, aka Mercy, is a very complex character. She isn't popular, nerdy, an outcast or any other cliche title that most Young Adult main characters are labeled with. She was just very unique. About as unique as her... hobby? Sometimes I really liked her and other times I was telling her to give it up and just be a normal teenager. But that was before I found out exactly WHY she started doing the stuff she did. 

I loved Zach. Yes, he was doing stuff with Mercy but he was also trying to do right by her and make her his girlfriend. He stood by her when he had every right to get up and go. I would definitely say that his SINGLE mother raised him soooo right. I am so glad everything ending up working out for him. 

I didn't like Faye at first. I just thought she was going to be Mercedes competition for school slut. But she turned out to be something else. A Friend. Someone who sadly knows everything Mercedes is going through and doesn't want it to keep happening. I hope Faye finds her happy ending. She deserves is just as much as Mercedes.

I didn't expect the Charlie stuff at first. But after he asked for the first favor I knew something bad was going to happen. I also knew that after everything went down that Mercedes would end up losing her best friend because girls will always believe a guy over their friends. But even with everything that ended up happening with Charlie, things still turned out the way they should have been and I was like "Haha!! Screw you, Charlie."

Just because you think you know someone and their situation doesn't mean you actually do. And even if you DO know that doesn't give you the right to judge someone. And I think that is one of the many, many lessons in this book.

Overall, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars.


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