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Topic Tuesday[2] - Retellings - Cinderella

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So, this weeks topic is going to be Cinderella retellings in the Young Adult community. I am actually shocked that there aren't MORE retellings out, I'm sure there will be in the future. Cinderella is one of those stories that everyone holds on to after hearing it. They want their Happily Ever After. So below will be a few Cinderella retellings you can read. Some of them might not be exactly what you are expecting and some of them might be exactly what you are looking for.

I am going to start this off with Cinder because I think this is the most popular of the retellings. Cinder is the first book is a series of retellings where each book continues the previous characters stories but adds new characters into the mix. I personally enjoyed this serious very much. It is pretty much a Sci-Fi and Dystopian version of Cinderella with a bunch of other fairytale characters thrown in. So if you are looking for JUST Cinderella then this might not be for you but if you love any kind of retelling then this would be right up your alley. 

These next 3 books I haven't personally read but I do own all of them.

This book has the classic father dies and girl is handed over to her ridiculously horrible step mother BUT there is a twist. I do believe Cinderella might be a lesbian in this book. I do know that there are some lesbian parts but having not read this book personally I cannot say for certain. This book also have a prequel novel called Huntress. I am not sure how it fits into this book so you would have to find out for yourself. I do know there are some Chinese elements in Huntress. I actually think I might bump these books up on my TBR because they sound great. I bought them a while ago because of the covers so I think it might be time to see what is hidden under those beautiful covers. 

So, this book, I also have no read, but from reading the synopsis it kind of makes me think of Cinder. The main character in this book, Nicolette, is a mechanic and she loves to invent things. From what I gathered the world is pretty technologically advanced. So those aspects are similar to Cinder but that's about it. This book is different from most Cinderella retellings because it ends differently. But if you like Steampunk and are looking for a retelling then this is the book for you.

And lastly, but certainly not least, we have this beautiful book. Ash & Bramble sounds like a really messed up twist on Cinderella. But from what I can tell these seems to be a love triangle and I know some people loathe those. But if you like darker stories with lots of twists and turns then I bet this book would be great for you. 

If anyone has any other Cinderella retellings they would like to suggest please feel free to comment. I have heard the Throne of Glass could be considered a retelling but I am not entirely sold on that idea.


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