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Review: The Things you Kiss Goodbye by Leslie Conner

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Title: The Things You Kiss Goodbye
Author: Leslie Conner
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication: June 24th 2014
Cover Rating: 3/5

I went into this book with a "MEH" type feeling, not having high expectations for it but not have low ones either you know?
Now, I've always been bothered by cheating in books, and even more so in real life xD
There is something about reading it that makes me fifty shades of uncomfortable with the characters, but I understand why it happened
Wait is this considered a spoiler?
Anyways, Brady turned into such a douche face!
Okay I should really say the book wasn't the light reading that I kinda thought it would be due to the emotional abuse and stuff, it was hard.
Her struggles with the school seemed really harsh but at the same time so read. Its things that people DO and HAVE gone through in high school , not all but... Well... Maybe...

Recommend it?
mmm sure, I guess... yeah

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars


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