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REVIEW: Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu - 4.5 stars

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Title: Batman: Nightwalker
Genre: YA Fantasy/Superhero
Author: Marie Lu
Publisher: Random House
Publication: January 2nd 2018
Cover Rating: 5.5
Reading format: Owned Hardback

Batman: Nightwalkers is my introduction to the Batman world. I was worried I wouldn't understand or like this book but I needed to read it because it's a big release for the YA book community. I am glad I read it, though. I wound up really liking it and will continue on with the rest of the books writing in this little YA DC series.

Bruce Wayne just turned 18 and inherited his parents fortune. Unfortunately that also means he inherited their enemies. You wouldn't think a rich couple who did a lot of charity work would have enemies but there are always those few who think if you are rich that you are evil. And that is where the Nightwalkers come in. They are a murderous group set out to kill all the rich, corrupt people in Gotham and somehow, Bruce ended up on their list.

Before he even knew about the Nightwalkers, Bruce got himself in a bit of trouble by chasing down a bad guy even though the cops told him not to interfere. This little act landed him in court and he got sentenced to community service. That community service is to be served as a janitor for the Arkham Asylum prison and there he meets Madeleine Wallace who ends up being a part of the Nightwalkers but seems to have a soft side for Bruce. They form a weird relationship and Bruce finds himself confused about right and wrong. Until, his friends and families lives are put in danger because of Madeleine.

In the end, I was pretty impressed with the story but I know next to nothing about the Batman franchise so I can't be a good judge of character when it comes to the Batman portion but the writing and story otherwise were pretty great. 

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars


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