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Author Spotlight: When You Leave by Monica Ropal

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Title: When You Leave
Author: Monica Ropal
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Publication: April 7th 2015
Cover Rating: 2/5

Going into this book, I had no idea what it was about. Once I started reading it, I was intrigued.

I took a liking of Cass from the very beginning. She is one of those girls who hang with the guys doing things with them. I like seeing characters like that because those girls exist and we don’t get to see them enough. Cass is a strong female character. She grows into herself as the story goes on.

I also like Mattie. The relationship that he has with Cass is one that everyone should have in their lives. They are as close as two people can be.

I found the story to be quite slow. Intriguing, but slow. I feel Cooper should have played a bigger part of the story as well. I don’t like that we get introduced to him and as soon as we do, he is gone from us.

Though the story was slow, the one thing that kept me reading is who actually did the crime. Cass creates a list to try and figure out who it could be. It turns out, it was someone that none of us suspected. I like when stories and twists and turns. It keeps you thinking.

I did have my issues with the story, but I did enjoy it none the less.

“Nobody likes goodbyes. But it’s better to say it than just leave. Then everybody knows you are going.” –Cass

Overall, I gave the book 3.5/5 stars.

1. Why did you choose a high school setting for the murder case?
Murder mysteries are compelling, but in the adult mystery genre you often involve hard boiled detectives that are not personally or emotionally involved in the case. On the other side of the spectrum is the Young Adult genre. A playground for emotionally raw and honest characters and experiences that change the character in amazing ways. I wanted to combine those aspects. To have a murder that felt more real, more personal, and explore how a murder effects and changes that character as she faces not only the death but the prospect of violence in general. 

2. Were any of the characters based on someone you know personally?
No. Not wholly. Bits here and there. Creating characters is a funny thing, isn't it? Some of them come out rather fully formed, and others I tease out, get-to-know sort of. But it's like they just live inside my head, and they are just waiting to come out and play. 

3. Which character do you see being friends with if you went to school with them?
Mattie. I mean OF COURSE Mattie. Right?

4) Coffee or tea?
I love my coffee. But just this morning I had a tickle in my throat with the change of weather and I brewed up some English Breakfast Tea with a splash of milk and I might have to make a habit of it!

5) What is your favorite book?
Ugh. That's like picking from your children! I'm going to say . . . Eleanor & Park. Final answer. (But FANGIRL! also Fangirl. Always! *is riddled with guilt*)

6) Did you always want to be an author?
I wanted to write. But I was enamored with film when I was a teen. So I thought I was going to write screenplays. But then I fell in love, like really really fell in love novels when I started reading middle grade and YA in college. So finally one day I thought, I'm going to learn to write one of these! 


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