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Review: All We Have is Now by Lisa Schroeder

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Title: All We Have is Now
Author: Lisa Schroeder
Publisher: Scholastic INC.
Publication: July 28th 2015
Cover Rating: 5/5

Do authors know something that us normal people don't? There have been sooo many asteroid, meteor, world going BOOM books coming out lately and it really has me wondering. All We Have is Now is the first book in this category that I have read and I can say that I am not entirely impressed. The book wasn't terrible. In fact, there are a lot of redeeming moments and truly beautiful events that happen. But the overall fact of the WORLD IS ENDING just wasn't that great. 

Emerson.... Eh. I have never thought of a homeless person as spoiled but that is how she comes off. She ran away from home just because her mother didn't want her bad ass around her new daughter. And, to be honest, she probably would have either crawled her ass back home or ended up dead by now if it hadn't of been for Vince. He loved her and all she could say was "Oh, I don't wanna get hurt again."

Vince was so amazing. For someone who had been through so much pain and suffering he truly enjoyed making other people happy. I know his choice to 'runaway' was just that, a choice, but his real family was gone. I don't understand how he had any empathy for Emerson. Her family was ALL still alive and she ran away because she got grounded and wanted to party. If I was Vince I would have told Emerson to go the ^%#@ home.

The book is told in some very interesting ways. First, it is told over the span of about a day. Each chapter has the current time and says how long until doomsday. Then we have chapters from Emerson and Vince's perspectives, Carl's perspective and then short pages told in verse that go between present time and flashbacks. I have read a few of Lisa Schroeder's other books and I can't say they were impressive. I actually can't even remember much about them. But I really did like the writing style of this book. It kept things interesting and I can appreciate that. 

This book made being homeless in Oregon seem fairly easy. Yeah, some hard times were listed but considering Vince and Emerson had been homeless for 1 and a half years, at the time of the asteroid, and didn't mention any illness or injuries. Being in the elements and around so many other people they should have gotten sick or injured at least once. 

The book was going to get a lower rating but towards the end I started to like some parts of it. And I knew the ending was going to be the way it was. I wouldn't be surprised if something like the plot of this book actually did happen. This world needs a HUGE wake up call.

Overall, I gave the book 3.5/5 stars


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