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Review: Random by Tom Leveen

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Title: Random
Author: Tom Leveen
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication: August 12th 2014
Cover Rating: 3/5

Whoa... Random is on hell of a book. Very fast paced and extremely shocking.

Tori is a bitch. I don't like cussing in reviews but there is no better word for her. Maybe self-centered bitch is better, though. Someone she cared about and was friends with needed her and she just shrugged it off and he ended up killing himself. Yes, throughout the book, all she is worried about is what is going to happen to HER. Her life, her future, her relationships. She is messed up beyond anything and I hope she got more than a slap on the wrist. Always remember, Not guilty doesn't mean you're innocent. She might not have pulled the trigger or tied to rope but she didn't do anything to stop it and, in fact, she made it worse.

I loved the plot against Tori. It was definitely a wake up call. I just hope that she actually changes and becomes a better person so it was not all done in vain. But even in the end she still was oblivious and it took a lot of coaxing for her to figure out who Andy really was. Her friends and brother saw good in her so lets just hope their love for her wasn't misplaced and she can turn her life around. I don't think she deserves a second chance, honestly, but her friends and family do.

As I have said in a few other reviews of High School bullying  in books, maybe I went to a different kind of school or I was just immune to it. But I never saw anything THIS BAD in school. But this book is very brutal and honest. If you bully someone then you could very well end up being the reason someone kills their self. There is no need to bully anyone and this world needs a giant wake up call. Young people killing themselves obviously isn't the wake up call the world needs. Something BIG needs to happen to shake the very foundation. People need to open their eyes and stay caring about others. 

I think everyone should read this book. If not for the story then for the meaning behind it. 

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars.


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