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Review: The End or Something Like That by Ann Dee Ellis

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Title: The End or Something Like That
Author: Ann Dee Ellis
Publisher: Speak
Publication: July 7th 2015
Cover Rating: 4/5

The End or Something Like That has been on my wishlist since I first saw it on Goodreads. It sounded like it would be very awesome. Sadly, it did not live up to any sort of awesomeness. It felt very flat and I feel like the whole talking to the dead thing was done in very poor taste. The book consists of death, "ghosts", talking back and being totally terrible to parents and friends, and the biggest part of all is the main characters EPIC ability to throw the worlds worst pity part for herself. The one GOOD thing I can say is that the book is a quick read. Some pages only having like four sentences on them and others being a page or two long. 

Emmy is very whiny. She go through so many stages of different things that she whines about. Bully at school, she whines. Being overweight, she whines. Best friend is dead, she whines, not the crying kind either. Why did she die? Why did she leave me? Why won't the bully leave me alone? Maybe if you stopped having a pity party for yourself EVERY DAY you might have a decent life instead of hiding in your closet eating chocolate and other sweets. Wah, I don't want to do this, Wah, I don't want to do that. This little girl needed a huge slap in the face and some better parenting.

Gabby is a complete bitch. She might only be 14 or 15 but dear lord she needs to be slapped as well. She is horrible to Emmy after Kim dies, granted, Emmy doesn't exactly make it easy to be nice to her. But it also leads me to wonder what kind of 14-15 year old girl has so much nastiness and hate inside her that she would be the way Gabby was. Privilege and money do not breed better people. Just people who THINK they are better. I also got the feeling that, had Kim lived, her and Emmy wouldn't have been best friends for much longer because Gabby was changing Kim. But then again maybe if Kim hadn't of been dying she wouldn't have wanted to try things out and go to parties as badly. I think Kim was trying to stuff an entire life into a few months.

I liked Skeeter. I don't like his name, makes me wanna swat him, but he is a genuinely nice guy and he cares about Emmy so much and she doesn't even really see it. I am glad the book ended the way it did but I kind of feel like Emmy didn't deserve it. She was whiny and so horrible throughout the entire book yet she got a happy ending. 

I do admit that people were overly mean in this book. Like Emmy was teased by a lot of people for no apparent reason other than that fact that she was chubby and her best friend was dead. I don't think the cruelty shown in this book was very factual. I know kids can be mean but there is just a very aplified meanness in this book and it felt very comedic and sad.

One part of the book that I want to rant about is when the girls meet Dr. Ted Farnsworth for the first time... Uh sounds like someone from Futurama. But that isn't the rant part. In one of the chapters Emmy says the doctor is an orange Yoda. Uhh, NO. He said "This is in your favor." but if it was truly meant to sound anything like Yoda it would have said "In your favor, this is." . I feel the need to stand up for Yoda because he is wise and not at all like the orange money grubbing Dr. Ted. So, if you are going to compare something to an iconic character such as Yoda please do it right, you must.

There was nothing magical or spectacular about this book. It didn't even have any good parts until the very VERY end and I don't even know if I would classify that as a good part. The book just wasn't that great and a lot of it was hidden under very crappy "humor". The only good thing I think this book might teach is that you should never stay mad at someone you love and can't live without because what happens if they die? Life is too short to be mad.

Overall, I gave the book 3/5 stars.


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